vrijdag, april 27, 2007


Yeah girls A HUGE TOOT AGAIN ;)

I just talked to NICOLE (sweet sweet NICOLE) on the phone... the first time i talked english that way LOL... And she said she couldn't believe i was just getting honorable mentions... Ow i'm shaking right now... they really loved my work YAY...
I'm leaving you with my layout for the final round of the scrapstreetstar contest.... "You can readmy article HERE...
wow i'm just toooooooooooooooooo excited...

18 opmerkingen:

*~*Amber*~* zei

that is just awesome girl! woo hoo for toots! xoxo

Nura Keif zei

Congratulations girl!! I'm sure more to come:-D

Anoniem zei

hoi hoi

ik doe het gewoon in het Nl hoor...;)
Wederom een hele gave LO en een super artikel!!!

x iris

Marie zei

Omg that is soooo awesome! She is totally right! U do wonderful work and shouldve been on a dt way before now! hehehe! Congrats girlie!

Miranda zei

Congrats girlie, you deserve it.

Lilian Schneider zei

Wow, that's great news! Congrats!

Je@net zei

Gefeliciteerd meis! Super goed!!

En zowel lootje als artikel zijn toppie!!! Heel veel succes!!

Anoniem zei

Congrats, Emine - looking forward to seeing your AWESOME work!!!!

-Amy (We B' Girly)

ellen zei

way cool girl! glad you visited my blog that day! i didn't do my tag yet but i will this weekend!

Holly Terra zei

Yippee! I knew you were picked when we were talking about dinner and you were SOO nervous! I am thrilled for you. Amazing work- can't wait to see all you do with the kits!!!


Nat zei

Awesome- congratulations, girlie!!! (hey I haven't forgotten that you tagged me , but I'm really busy right now - so this has to wait, ok ;-) )

debbiefitz zei

Congratulations, Emine! I'm so happy to be designing with you.

Melonie zei

Huge Congrats Girl! Can't wait to see what you create! Your stuff rocks!!!

shelley zei

TOOTIE TOOTIE.. EMINE IS GROOVY! I am so pleased to see you are an Island Girl! looking forward to working with you!!! congrats!

christiane zei

yeah!!! congrats!! :))

Vee zei

congrats girl!!
that is awesome :)

mary h. zei

WOW!!!!! Congratulations!!!!! See, something great was just waiting around the corner for you.;) I'm absolutely positively for sure that this is only the beginning for you.:) Love ya lots, girlie!!!!!

Tammy zei