zondag, april 22, 2007


Hi girls, here's the sneak I promised yesterday. I almost uploaded the whole layout OOPS... That's not GOOD.. I think I'm still sleeping... It's really nice weahter over here and I worked a little in the garden ;) I can't find the pic of my garden... Need to ask my hubby first. I think it's on his computer...
Alright, how does the sneak looks?? I used very bold colors, ORANGE AND cardboard included ofcourse ;)... It was really fun to play with LUCY CHESNA"s sketch ;) I'll post a link to her sketch blog tomorrow when my layout is UP... I"M A SKETCH DIVA YAY...
I'm so excited about tonight. Will I make it to the next round? Am I that good enough?
I started doubting myself already LOL... Either way, I am a winner... It's really huge to make it to round 4... And IF I make it i will need your vote AGAIN ;)
Thanks god you can vote for your top 5... So vote for ME and MIRANDA ;)
Good luck girlie.. I hope one of us will win ...
I need to go and grab some thee and read some blogs ..
Have a nice sunny day

11 opmerkingen:

Je@net zei

Mmmh...ziet er goed uit die sneak!!
En de duimen draaien overuren Emine!! Spannend hoor!!

sollie zei

Je maakt me heel nieuwsgierig!!

Laura McCann zei

Looking good Emine....I love the cardboard and of course, the orange!! I love orange!

Marie zei

oohhh cant wait to see the whole thing because that sneak peak looks wonderful!!!

Miranda zei

Voting is closed now... Hope we're both on to the next round... Have to wake up in the middle of the night to see if we're through!

I'm curious to see your layout!

Melonie zei

I am loving your blog Emine! Very inspiring. I love ORANGE too! My son's room is painted bright orange! Hope you made it to the next round I am off to go check and vote of course!

mary h. zei

Ummm, yeah it would've been good to show the whole layout. Well, for us anyway. hehehehehe. Can't wait to see them in their entirety.

staceyfike zei

you've got some great work here!!!

leewoodside zei

Oh this looks really cool! Can not wait to see the whole thing.

*fauve* zei

Looks great,love the colors!I see you used some MM stuff :D

Aimee zei

can't wait to see the whole layout. love how you rock the orange. aaah, wonderful orange!