woensdag, april 25, 2007


I feel much better today... Thank GOD...
Yesterday evening I had so much inspiration to finish becky fleck's sketch... I mailed it to her today. She didn't mind it at all... Thank you Becky...
Here is the sneak peak... Ofcourse I used orange AND hambly LOL

I'm planning to clean my scrapcloset today and write my article for the Scrapstreet final round while I enjoy the beautiful sun outside... I just love it... the weather is just inviting you to go OUTSIDE and do nothing LOL... Alara is playing ALL day outside but she can't get enough of it... Tell me WHO CAN ;)

Yes I've been tagged again by dear Fauve (you can find her blog at the right sidebar)

Here is how it works:

I need to write 10 weird things about myself AND tag 7 people...

Alright here it begins ;)

1) I Love dandruff (roos) .. I mean that when I see that someone has it on his/her head I love to

rubb it of... This is REALLY strange but I do this all the time.. My husband is getting nuts of me... He thinks I'm a monkey...LOL

2) When I accomplish something that I wanted for ages.. I can't be happy immediately... It takes some time

3) I smoke even if I don't want to...

4) I'm really a clean person BUT you can't see it LOL

5) I hate to cook but I love to eat heehee

6) I spend to much then I can afford (OOPS don't let my husband read this... Well, he won't understand a bit anyway LOL)

7) I'm still taking a nap during the day...

8) I scrapbook at nights

9) I hated mushrooms all my life, NOW I LOVE IT

10) i can call 5 hours FOR FREE but I don't do that..

A lot of weird things HUH?!?

Let me see who can I tag?

I tag... Ellen, Miranda, Nat, missmorgan, silvia, Lindsey, brigitta, Tammy....

Have a wonderful day

17 opmerkingen:

christiane zei

you are weird?? ;) did you tell all about your spleens??

Marie zei
Deze reactie is verwijderd door de auteur.
Marie zei

Hehehehe we all have weird stuffs like that! The dandruff thing tho is something i have never heard ppl say. LOL! I tooo spend way to much money that i really cant afford. If i dont watch out im gonna put us in bankruptcy and that aint no joke! And as usual i cant wait to see ur sneak peak in full view it looks wonderful!!!

agh i keep forgetting to tell you my children love turkish delight (the candy)!

*fauve* zei

LOL totally love the monkey thing,made me laugh out really loud...Still there are a lot of things i do to,so i guess youre not really weird.Or maybe we both are??LOL

Je@net zei

Very, very weird... ;-)
And your sneak peek makes me currious!!

Lilian Schneider zei

Scrapping at night, weird? ;-) Don't worry, it's perfectly normal!

Silvitanova zei

Oooh you've taged me!!???

mary h. zei

You are killin' me witht these sneak peeks! I need to see the full viewings. ;)

Laura McCann zei

girl, you are getting tagged again! LOL!

Nura Keif zei

That peek is so gorgeous!! Can't wait to see the whole layout:-D

Vee zei

Love naps too!!
your layout looks awesome, can't wait to see more.

Karli zei


Sounds like you are doing well friend! Getting to be quite the celebrity, too! I am proud of you! Anytime you want to chat, just use some of your free phone time and call me up. (: the 8 hour difference can be worked out.

I have been super busy with creating & working, but I'm never mad at you so don't assume that because I haven't commented. I've been meaning to e-mail too! I will do it sooner than later! Love you!


Michelle zei

Ok.. the dandruff bit is a little weird.. but everything else is pretty normal.. :D

Good luck for the final round Emine! You go girl!

sollie zei

That preview looks beautiful. Can't wait to see the whole page. Yes, we are having great weather over here too. I really need to scrap a page for a contest but it seems like I can't find the time.

Tammy zei

Hi there!! I just saw that you tagged me!!! I have been tagged twice! I love your blog, your pages are soo so so so gorgeous!

Latharia zei

Love what you did with the Hambly overlay!

Anoniem zei

I love to making the bathroom!