maandag, april 30, 2007


I didn't win the scrapstreet star contest... A great digi-designer won the contest ;)
I really need to read my article about dissapointment though... LOL

I'm relieved at one point... I don't have to stress anymore ;)
Here are my entries again:
Sorry I can't show the round 2 layout because it's getting published tomorrow ;)

I want to share a couple of links with you:

1. There is going to start a really cool contest at scrappershaven... LOOK AT THIS... SURVIVOR

2. Bex (a dear friend) started a new message board... She asked me to be one of the moderators ;) And please check out what she's writing about me... She really makes me feel like I'm a celebrity LOL... Thank you BEX and the other girls ;)

COME SIGN UP AND START CHATTING... There is a lot of WONDERFUL things plannend ;) Just follow this link:

Hope you'll have a great day...

21 opmerkingen:

Jo zei

Found your blog through Bex's forum :)

It is pants that you did not win, your work is just awesome, fantastic though that you are being published :)

jo xx

Anart Island Studio zei

...ohhh woohh!!! Congrats to you!!! You are working so hard and you are getting big rewards!!!! And you deserve them big time!!! You go girl!!!
Love your work!!!

Nura Keif zei

Your work is fabulous!! Congrats on being pub:-D

Vee zei

love your lo's!!
saw uit on 2peas this morning :)

sally hanna zei

sorry you didn't win, but you are getting pubbed!! great layouts!

scrappeter zei

heeej Emine... prachtig joh! alles is echt heel gaaf allemaal! TOPPIE!

scrap {n} flava zei

yeah! You are gtting pubbed! I feel bad that you didn't officially win- but then, you did win in another way! All of your work is beautiful and so inspiing!

ellen zei

i am bummed for you i was with you all the way! top ten is awesome though! it really is are just beginning and rockin' it!

jennihaywood zei
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Ingrid zei

Emine, I can understand your disappointment, but you already achieved so much in the past few weeks. I am sure you will get there.

jennihaywood zei

You know I just love your layouts! These are beautiful as well. I just saw that you tagged me! I am sorry I have been bad about getting on the computer lately! I put my 7 random facts down about me! It was so fun! You are such a sweet person! It has been so fun getting to read your blog! You are one talented lady!!!

christiane zei

you don't know for what it's good for!! ;))
congrats on beeing published!!
and thanks, i will check out the new mb!!

Silvitanova zei didn't winn :-( but you were close!

Latharia zei

Oh, I love all the dimensional touches on your pages -- just wonderful!

Nicole zei

I just found your blog today and I really like your LO's!!! I'm sorry you didn't win, but keep your chin up, you've got enough style and talent to win for sure soon! :)

Tammy zei

I totally LOVE your freestyle! I might have to scraplift that idea you have for the framed print!

Je@net zei

Al je projecten zijn zo super Emine!!
Fantastisch gedaan joh!!

leewoodside zei

Hey girl these layouts are fantastic!!

michelle zei

try not to be disapppointed, your work is beautiful and you did such a good job.!

Nura Keif zei

Emine, i'm done with the TAG!!
Yahoo..!! LOL

china59 zei

You know there's nothing to be disappointed about?
The layouts you showed them are just awesome ! And if you need any proof of it, well, there you have it, not everybody is getting published right ?