vrijdag, april 13, 2007


EDITED: YOU CAN PLACE YOUR VOTE HERE (sorry hagit I forgot to add ;)

Well hello sweet people ;)
I have a toot to share hehe...

I'm a PROUD MEMBER of a canadian website/shop http://www.scrappershaven.ca/
This totally rocks... I am SO HAPPY WITH IT... I really can't wait to start scrapping for them..

Thank you Donna, for believing in me and giving me this opportunity.

It's time to VOTE AGAIN... Our assignment was to create a class..
You can view my class HERE ... I really need votes this time because half of the contestants (20 people) will get eliminated *SHOCK*...

The voting will start at 8 pm central time... For the dutchies YOU CAN VOTE TOMORROW ;)


More information about my class...

I had a corkboard lying around in the house... I didn't use it... When I saw the assignment for round 3, I KNEW I had to make something big (with LOTS OF WORK) and let myself go... this one is totally freestyle and I LOVE IT... ( it's so much brighter in real life and the texture is so GREAT)... I started with the math first... Gosh that took me 2 days... REALLY... And cutting 112 pieces of cardboard was NOT easy LOL

I changed it 100 times... I put SO MUCH work on this project.. You really can't believe it. But it was so much fun though...

I call it MY PIECE OF ART... Hope you'll like it and I MAKE IT TO THE NEXT ROUND... LOL

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christiane zei

wow!! congrats, girl!! :))

Je@net zei

And your class looks great!! Wish you luck!!

Brigitta zei

wow Emine!!! this looks absolutely amazing!!!!! I'm very impressed. also like your text about visualisation, I should try that more often ;-)
Good luck on your Canadian adventure

Hagit zei

Hi Emine,congratulations! Your class looks really great, but I can't find where to vote! Can you place a link?

Bex zei


This is absolutely STUNNING!!
Really fantastic and I wish I had enough hours in the day to attempt it!
I hope you get through to the next round - you deserve to.

Love Bex

Daffie Online zei

congratulations Emine!!!
Your project looks really really cool!! You can definitely see that you have put a lot of work in it!

Marguerita zei

Love the corkboard to teach your girls counting and the alphabet! Looks wonderful!

miss morgan... zei

hey lady! this board is amazing! i just found your blog from your link on soml! i'll be checking in! : )

mary h. zei

cool board! I went there and they'd already posted the ones continuing on to round four. Congrats!!!! I will check later when to vote again. ;)

Lilian Schneider zei

I love that board! I have also a cork board lying here. i want to make a wishboard out of it, with all my wishes and dreams for the future on it.

Anam_Kihaku zei

well done you!!

Aimee zei

this board just rocks. period.