zondag, maart 18, 2007


I took some pictures of myself today (about 50 LOL) I love to do that because I can delete the bad ones without anyone get the chance to see it...
And ofcourse pictures of my sweeties... Look at my baby... She´s going to be a scrapbooker as well...
I´m off to scrap now... I have a HUGE deadline

6 opmerkingen:

ArtsyMama zei

GORGEOUS...ALL of you!!!!!!!!!

malou zei

OMG, Like mommy, your babies are so beautiful!!! Love the self portrait of you, beautiful!

Nancy zei

Aww.. your little girls are so cute!!!!!! Love these pics! Good luck with the deadline (and don't stay up too late.. hehehe) Nancy

Karli zei

As always, beautiful! You are so photogenic, as are the girls. I love digital cameras for the same reason...take a million, love a few. It's a blessing, for sure.

Your book was so cute, too. Can't wait to see it in is entirety. Good luck creating! Love you!


Daffie Online zei

Your DH is a happy man with these 3 beautiful girls at home :)

christiane zei

beautiful pics!! :))