maandag, maart 26, 2007


I finished my layout for the FIRST ROUND at SCRAPSTREET CONTEST.... What do you think??? I wanted to do something special, something that was a little UNUSUAL... This page is ALL ABOUT my love for ORANGE... You all know that it is my scrapsignature...
I hope I will make it to the next round... so girls... Friday is voting time... I will post a link here when it's time...

And there are Celebrity's watching this contest.... People from BIG PaPER companies... YOOHOOOO... I so hope that they think that I'm talented enough to join their TEAM...
Keep your fingers crossed for me ;)

And I want to say something about the BUSY BEE DESIGNTEAM call...
I am totally happy that they choose me as their honorable mention... Even though I had not a lot of work to show to them... I want to thank each one of the judges ;)

Maybe they will change their mind SOME DAY LOL...

So here is my layout... AND I want to thank SILVIA for the GORGEOUS felt flowers she sent to me.... Thank you so much HONEY... ( i don't know if I can put your link here, so I didn't)

14 opmerkingen:

Nat zei

gorgeous layout - good luck!!!

Je@net zei

Wow, it's a great lo!! Wish you luck girl!!

Marguerita zei

You are on a roll with all those contests Emine! Way to go!

Miranda zei

It looks so great!! I've though competition..!

Birgit zei

Wow, that's a wonderful LO! Good luck!

Daffie Online zei

This looks really good!
Good luck in the contest!

D@nielle zei

wow emine this is a FAB lo ! Hope you get far !

Corinnexxx zei

loving your lo!


christiane zei

fantastic layout!! will keep my fingers crossed!! :)

Hagit zei

I LOVE this layout!

MaMaLoT zei

Oh wow, I love your layout Emine!
It has to come a long way in the contest... good luck girl!

Silvitanova zei

WOW! Good Luck!!

Wendy zei

wow your lo is so FUN!!! good luck!

malou zei

WOW, oh WOW!!! Love this! You are such a striking beauty, Emine!