donderdag, maart 08, 2007


first banner actually... Thanks to Daphne ... She is amazing... Look at it, it is Gorgeous.. Thank you Daphne and for the fact you did this while you are SICK... Go check out her blog... She is also VERY talented...

I am still working on my spread for Akkefietje ... This is going to be a very FUN page... I will post a SNEAK (you know i love it)...

Last night I was reading Ali Edwards first book (a designers eye for scrapbooking)... And I red the page about finding your own style... I've been thinking about it for a long time now... Trying to figure out my style... So I started an inspiration file... It's going to be a LONG project, a long journey but a very fun though... Everything that I think it's interesting will be in it... It's NOT going to be a scrapbook album.. I'll glue down things and write, sketch and doodle next to it on plain white CHEAP paper LOL..

I made 2 pages ALREADY... And created 2 scrapbook layouts using them as inspiration...

This page is one of them (i can't show you the other b/c it is for Akkefietje)... I was inspired by a jeans label to CREATE the journalling block... How cool is that!!!

Ali Edwards is also talking about personalizing your pages... Putting some kind of a signature on your page (which makes your page unique)... You all know that Ali is using her initial on almost every layout she creates... So I came up with my own signature... Using something ORANGE on Almost every page... (If it doesn't fit on a page sometimes, that's cool)...

Why? well, I discovered while working on my inspiration file that I have a weakness to that color I want to use it a lot... I noticed that when I'm using something orange on my pages it's getting more interesting (for me of course)... So, the next time I post a layout , search for that color LOL... (btw I used Orange on purpose while creating the Hambly album)...

I just LOVE IT... Now I'm off to scrap (something orange LOL)

Have a nice day America and Good night Europe ;)

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Karli zei

Oh how I love you Emine. You are so dang cute. Wish I could give you a big hug in person, but alas, one over the internet will have to do. You are such an inspiration to me. I also love reading Ali's books and appreciate the signature remark. I think mine is that I almost always end my journaling with, "love that ____" whatever it is I'm journaling about. I just noticed that I do that a while ago.

If you get a chance, I would recommend buying Stacy Julian's book, "Big Picture Scrapbooking". I bought it and loved it! I have gone through it several times, but she has tons of good ideas about getting the meaningful stuff into your albums. Love her. Love her blog too. And, great banner! I should pay someone to do mine for me! Love you!


malou zei

My signature style would be hearts! Even at least one heart you know that would be me! I can't believe that you are friends w/Daphne! Daphne is my internet friend, too! Have you ladies met each other yet? Wow, I love the banner that she did for you. I will be looking for that orange, I think that's very cool! Love ya girl! Malou

Daffie Online zei

Love your banner - LOL!

I like Ali's books too! Only have the 2nd one but I keep looking in it over and over again!

Are you going to show some of your inspiration pages on your blog? I am really curious what they look like

Sonja zei

Concrats on making being on the DT of Akkefietje!!!! Nice to hear you are doing fine. Great banner.

MaMaLoT zei

Hi Emine,

Love the banner Daphne made for you. She rocks big time!

Nice to see you're bloggin' again! Good idea to think of a signature style... I'm gonna figure out mine... :)