dinsdag, maart 20, 2007


Well I got a little toot to share...

I got Honorable mention on onepageatatime.com You can see the post Here...
How cool is that??? I was not the grand prize winner but I am still VERY PROUD...

And a few days ago I sent Scenic Route an email to ask if they needed a new design team member.. Well, they didn't but look at the email I GOT:

Hi Emine. Thanks for your interest in the design team. You do beautiful work. We are not currently looking for any new design team members. If we do decide to add to the team in the future, I'll be sure to consider you

This made ME VERY PROUD TOO... Receiving an email of this AWESOME company with a compliment is so COOL...

Other news:

Yesterday I finished my layout for the blueprints call... I will post a sneak to tease you tonight LOL...

I'm off to do some MORE scrapping

Leaving this blog with a BIG SMILE

5 opmerkingen:

Daffie Online zei

Good and happy news :)

Karli zei


Awesome job with your honorable mention! I love that page that you did too, and it deserved the praise it got!

And nice e-mail from SR. How exciting! You are such a go getter and I need to follow your example that way. I haven't been sending in submissions to anywhere for a long time. I'll have to try again.

Glad you have a smile!!

christiane zei

you must be so lucky!! congrats!! :)

malou zei

Congrats, girl!!! TOOOOT!! I am so proud of you keep up all the great works you are doing!

*fauve* zei

woohoo thats awesome!!It's great to get honorable mention!!