vrijdag, maart 23, 2007


Here is a sneak of the layout I created for Blueprints... Hope it will get picked (keep you fingers crossed for me ;) As you can see ITS ALL ABOUT ME LOL... And did you noticed my signature??? (I was going to use Orange in Almost all my layouts)

I'm entering a contest at scrapstreet.com... It's something like MM idols... It's gonna start tomorrow.. There will be challenges every week and people got to vote.. There will be an elimination every week. So I need your help... Vote for me :) I'll let you know when LOL

I just finished a layout (freestyle one)... Put my signature in it LOL.. I will take pictures of it tomorrow and post it here... I created this just for fun... No no, I'm lying... I am going to submit it to a call... But the good news is that I can post it here on my blog... I just need to remove it IF it gets picked....

Need to go to bed now... I'm so nervous for tomorrow... What will the challenge be.. Unfortunately It's going to be revealed at 6 pm, that means midnight here in Europe... It shouldn't be a problem since I scrap at night...

Have a great night

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jenni Haywood zei

Hey girl! I looooooooooove the layout you did; all about you! I love the orange, what a darling idea. Good luck with the contest you are entering. I will totally vote for you! Could you please put a link to the web page where the contest is so we know where to vote? That is so exciting. After you put up the address, I will e-mail all of my friends so they can vote for you also. This is so exciting for you! I bet you could win it, with enough support! I will keep checking back to find out more details. Good luck girl! You have been so kind on my blog, I hope to return the facor

Karli zei

Dang Emine, you are such a go-getter! You have been creating nonstop and all your stuff just keeps getting cuter and cuter! I love the page (what I can see of it!), love that you are using orange, and love the pictures of you! I will definitely vote for you, just let us know when & where. You are so talented! Love seeing your stuff! Keep up the good work!
Love ME

Daffie Online zei

Good luck with all the submissions and the contest!
Love your signature!

Nat zei

can't wait to see the hole layout!!!