zaterdag, maart 17, 2007


My last post was a week ago... Sorry for that... I was very busy with scrapping!!!
Here a sneak (well??? you can see a lot but NOT the DETAILS)... I don't want to tease you... But I want you to be curious VERY CURIOUS LOL...

It took me quite a long time to finish this... I need to add some things in it... But it's almost FINISHED... I tried to make my OWN brush for the first time... Was really fun though...

I made 10 sketches for a stamp call... If they want to use mine, I will LET YOU KNOW... I hope so!!!! till then you need to WAIT AGAIN (i'm so sorry)... I can share it afterwards!!!

I have a lot of scrapbooking planned for the next weeks... I need to clean my closet first though...

have a great weekend... I will post TOMORROW, I promise ;)

Emine (just LOVE LOVE LOVE orange)

btw: did you notice?? I used orange in this mini-coaster album too... Yeah, I'm getting used to this... So FUN...

4 opmerkingen:

Daffie Online zei

aarhghghgh.... only sneak peeks?
I wanna see some real work LOL! the orange :)

malou zei

I agree w/Ms. Daphne! Can't wait to see your creations, girl you have been in a really creative major mojo!!! I want some of that! Love how you incorporated the orange your signature, very cool!

christiane zei

awesome sneakies!! ;) good luck to you!!
orange is one of my favorite colors too!!
have a nice sunday!!

lee woodside zei

This is just beautiful!