dinsdag, maart 27, 2007


I received 2 RAKS from the happy mail girls:
This is from Cynthia Chan:

And this is from Silvia:

I love them... YOu made me TOTALLY HAPPY... It's sooooo cool... thank you, thank you, thank you ;)
BTW: I received Silvia's RAK a few days ago... And I created a LAYOUT With it... SEE PREVIOUS POST
And I won another RAK... Look HERE
Thank you Fauve can't wait to receive my LIP SMACKER ;)
I have a lot to do today... I need to scrap a introduce-layout for the Akkefietje's shop... Since I have no good photo's left, I will scrap the SAME picture as yesterday...
and scrap some challenges... Do some cleaning, cooking...


I better get started...

Have a nice day

5 opmerkingen:

Je@net zei

Hee busy girl... what a lot great things you received!!

Daffie Online zei

Isn't it great to receive some goodies in the mail?

Silvitanova zei

Hmmm, I'm so adicted to our RAK-thing! It's very nice to make people happy.

Miranda zei

Thanks Emine for you sweet comment on my layout for Scrapstreet! I sure hope we'll hope go on!

malou zei

Look at all those orange goodness! You deserve to win a lot of rak you lucky girl!!! Thanks for the well wishes, girl! Luv ya!