zaterdag, maart 24, 2007


Finally NOT A SNEAK PEAK LOL... I created this one yesterday... A fun page, isn't it??

I am working on the FIRST challenge for the contest... I need to scrap about IT... What is IT? A thing, an animal or an attitude that makes someone special... I know exactly what I'm going to create... But I will take MORE time for this one... It needs to be special Right?!

I will share it when you can vote... But here is a link to the site...
Scrapstreet You can register it's a VERY FUN BOARD... The voting will be open on FRIDAY i think.. I will keep you updated...

Now I'm off to work on my page... The children are sleeping, THANK GOD...

have a great night

* You need to check this board... Uncensored scrap Brought to you by a DUTCH GIRLIE ANITA...
There are a lot of TALENTED people around the world chatting... You can find me over there...

7 opmerkingen:

Miranda zei

Hi Emine,
Your page looks great, but I said that already!
Good luck on the contest. I'm in too... I'm curieus what your IT will be!

Silvia zei

Hi Emine,
Great LO. Humbley-overlay, isn't it? And I like the orange a lot!

malou zei

Your LO's has just been so outstanding. I really love it!

Vanessa zei

wonderfull lay out!!

Birgit zei

Wow, Emine that's a gorgeous LO!

Daffie Online zei

Love the Hambly ;)
Great the LO

D@nielle zei

wow ! BTW I love all the photo's you've been making of yourself too, they are so pretty !