woensdag, februari 21, 2007


Yes, a lot to do today... Esspecially cleaning (which I hate doing with 2 LITTLE KIDS)...

But I am very excited for the Happy Mail... I received an email today with the email adress of my secret pal... I have to send her a happy mail at least once every other week and she has to do the same thing during March and APRIL... It is going to be FUN...

Karen, you'd better watch your mail next month LOL

Other news:
I have my second appointment with a psychologist tomorrow... We are going to work on my panic attacks! I SO hope I will get over this... Being a prisoner in my own home is NOT the way I wanna LIVE... Wish me LUCK and please pray for me... This is the first time I write about this on my blog... I need to do it more often though... I am NOT ashamed of my problem. it's making me STRONGER every day...
the hardest part is that I have SO MANY plans... but I can't do it... I told you about a magazine I want to start. Well, it's NOT going to happen because I need to go to Utrecht to talk about it... I can't do that...
One day I will, I promise... the first thing I am going to do is going to one of Corrine's LIVE workshops ;)

Well, I LOVE my life no mather WHAT.. I stay up every morning with a smile on my FACE... That's the important thing, right...

BTW: if you want to make this card go to card-generator

Have a great day, I KNOW I WILL


6 opmerkingen:

Corinnexxx zei

I am so proud of you for working on your problems that alone is already a huge step!
I would love it when I woul;d have you in my classes one day!


Karli zei

Thanks for putting yourself out there. I am proud of you for attacking your problems. Let me know how the appointment goes. I always pray for you and you are always in my thoughts.

Good luck with your to-do list too. Lots to get done, but productive days are best, I think. Love you!


jennihaywood zei

Girl, I loved your altered project for the mm contest! You are a great designer. I hope you can work through the things you are going through very quickly! I too have had some issues with axiety... No fun! Luckily I have not gone through any kind of anxiety for years now. I was able to get some help and it went away.
Hugs, Jenni

*fauve* zei

WOW i love the way you look at your life.It''s must be really hard for you,especially since you cant do a lot.I am so hoping for you things work out for you.

Too bad we didnt made it to the MM idol contest,but o well...Theyre lost :D

malou zei

There you go girl, I am so proud of you of thinking positive. YOu will make it through your anxiety attack.

D@nielle zei

good luck I think it's so good you are trying so hard to conquer your problems. Keep trying I know you will walk in the sunshine one day and enjoy it !