dinsdag, februari 27, 2007

LO posted again

Check here...

Send your work too... Tenika will sure post it on her blog...

Well, I'm off to feed my baby.. And I have a headache... (someone made me REALLY SAD)


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Karli zei


I am sorry you had a headache today, I did as well. I hope that you are not feeling sad and that whoever did make you sad apologizes to you. (: You can always e-mail me if you want to.

I am loving all your layouts. You are so talented and inspiring to me. Thanks for being there for me always. Love you!


Corinnexxx zei

hugs sweetie hope you feel better today!


malou zei

I am sorry to hear that someone made you sad, pls. do take care. Love Malou

jennihaywood zei

I hope your headache goes away and you feel better today. I am so inspired by your layouts. I can't wait to see more!

angel zei

hi emine,
sorry to hear you are so sad! Big hug, maybe it helps a bit!

Eeffie zei

Thanks a lot for visiting my blog and for telling me about my link to my articles. I'll change it right now. Nice blog!

christiane zei

sorry to hear that you don't feel well!! send you positive thoughts!!

D@nielle zei

she is adorable !