woensdag, juli 19, 2006


Hi dear Friends... Here a quick post from me...
I am so sorry that I didn't wrote for such a long time..
I had some problems with my pregnancy... But it's all OK now!!! I can enjoy life again...

Here's a picture I took recently... It's really HOT here in the Netherlands so Alara had a blast in her *TINY* pool...

This post is REALLY short but I really have to go now...

Take care


10 opmerkingen:

Anoniem zei

glad to hear things are okay with your pregnancy, I've been wondering where you've been. and I know all about hot... ugh!

Corinnexxx zei

yeah! she's baaaaaaaaaaaaaack!


malou zei

OHHHH!! I really did miss you a lot, Emine! You lookin' good girl and that's a cute pix of you and Alara. Hope everything will be okay w/your pregnancy! Take care my dear friend! Luv you! Malou

Karli zei

So glad you are posting again! You don't even look pregnant in your picture, you cutie! Alara is darling as usual, and I am glad to see you outside enjoying the sun. E-mail me and let me know how things are going! Love you much!

D@nielle zei

So glad everything is going well, I thought you might be having a hard time ! Welcome back. Alara looks like she's enjoying herself a lot in the pool ! grts, D@Nielle

Anoniem zei

Glad to have you back and hear that everything is going OK now. Hope to see you around some more. Take care Girl. Oh, that's really cute pic of you and Alara, she's too cute.

Michelle zei

Well YEAH we missed you!!!! You're one of the gang! Glad you're back! Very cute picture of you and your sweet little Alara.

I'll keep good thoughts and prayers going for you with your pregnancy! :-)

Anoniem zei

O HOW CUTE! I'm glad you're doing well & your pregnancy is ohk! GREA POST! WELCOME BACK!!!! :o)

Ann(i)e zei

I've just put out a challenge I thought you would be interested in….I'm "hosting" a group of scrappers all wanting to do the challenges from Ali Edwards new book. Come over, check it out, and play along!!!

Ann(i)e zei

So glad all is well with your pregnancy...hope it continues to go smoothly!!