vrijdag, mei 05, 2006


My DD didn't take her nap today so There was NO chance for me to *SCRAP*... But I made a beginning..
Tomorrow I WILL scrap for sure!! I'm planning to do a page for an other challenge at 2peas... I'm going to lift the fabulous Jennifer Harrison...

Here is a picture of Alara... She always does this when I get mad at her!!! she is one funny girl LOL

2 opmerkingen:

malou zei

I was looking forward to what your LO was going to be but it's OK Alara goes first! That is such a cute pix you should scrap this girl! There is so many challenges I want to do but sometimes I get too lazy to look in the computer coz' my SB room is on the other side of the bedroom where the computer is. Blog you later! Luvs Malou

Tawnya zei

Not only is she funny I am sure, she sure is so stinkin' cute as well. Great photo! Scrap it girl!