dinsdag, januari 29, 2008

I'm sorry

I'm sorry....

For giving up so easily...
For not being strong enough to beat this...

but i will... I promise I will...

today I got a phone call from sweet corinne. thank you so much. it meant the world to me that you are thinking of me.
I'm experiencing the hell on earth right now. but this is NOT the first time and it won't be the last. i did beat anxiety, depression a long time ago. and I can do it again... over and over again.
thanks for reminding me about that.

i had a visitor today. yeah, scrapbookrelated. It made me feel good. for the first time in such a long time. I'm going to clean up my studio before friday. And on friday i will start scrapping again. I know it will help me to find strength in it...

thank you all so much. i'm all in tears right now. tears of pain AND JOY. Eventhough i feel like garbage, i know that i can't let myself go... i need to fight. i need to fight...
you girls give me that strength to fight. i don't know how i can thank you all..

i love you ALL...

Remember NEVER GIVE UP... and I won't either...

16 opmerkingen:

michelle zei

girl, you can do it. like you said, you've done it before. Take it day by day and little steps.

Caroline zei

I've been there! Things will get better!

Hang in there!


Nili zei

this post makes me smile again, Emine. I can see you go through lots of pain and hope you'll find a way to get over it and get better soon. Don't give up and be strong.

Sharmaine zei

We're never giving up on you Emine!
Hope that studio gets clean!!
HUGS HUGS and more HUGS!
PS Yay to Corrine!

Ingrid zei

Don't apologize, Emine. You really don't have to say sorry. You're going through a very hard time. Good to hear you feel like scrapping again. Being creative might help you to relax a little, and feel a bit more at ease.

Take care

Iris zei

Meid ik denk aan je! Hou je taai! Hoop dat het snel beter met je zal gaan!!!

Anoniem zei

Mooi zo Emine, huil maar eens goed uit, vreugde tranenen en tranen van verdriet, beide zijn ze goed.
Gebruik de steun die je van Corinne krijgt ten goede, het kan je zo goed helpen, ik ben haar ook nog steeds heel dankbaar, ze heeft ook mij veel rust en nieuwe kracht gegeven in een heel moeilijke periode.
Jij hebt al diverse keren flink gestreden en was al een heel eind op de goede weg, ook nu zal het best ten goede komen want in mijn ogen ben je heel erg sterk, gebruik je kracht, vind je ontspanning opnieuw in het scrappen, sterkte en via je blog leef ik met je mee, groetjes Els

Lori zei

We won't give up on you girl!!! You keep on believing in yourself!!! Much LUB and continued prayers for you!!

Marlies zei

I am glad these contacts with the outside world help you a bit. I hope scrapbooking will, too.
Please hang in there. Don't expect too much from yourself and don't blame yourself!!


dawn i zei

thinking of you my darling - I'm emailing younow

TessaAnnWatte zei

Hi Emine,
Just was thinking of you tonight.
Wishing you well :)
Many hugs and much love,
Tessa Ann

Lisamariemlt zei

life is full of ups and downs you just have to find that up to keep you up
look at those little girls
who love you dearly
scrap and believe in yourself

when you are feeling down think of all the things in life that you have to make you happy
write a list
and when you are happy read that list often and remember to put on that list all the people here who love you

Rianne zei

Don't give up girl!


wat fijn om weer wat van je te horen meid..en wat goed dat je niet opgeeft...je kunt het....en we denken allemaal aan je! groetjes marije.

*fauve* zei

I believe in you <3

Anoniem zei

hey babe! your so strong to even go through all this! big hugs to you and I hope you can be with your girls and family and just get the rest and hugs you need!