vrijdag, augustus 24, 2007


Hi girls. so sorry for not updating my blog. My laptop is really really slow. But here I am again. i have a lot of pictures to share... First of all some party decoration I made for http://www.scrapsupply.com/

A gift bag
flag banner2 layouts i did for the piggy tales designteam call...


I went to dawn inskips workshop last friday. i had SO MUCH FUN... i met some amazing people... I really want to see them ALL again one day...
So girls when do we meet up again ? ;)
Piece of heaven

A la elsie flannigan (uhmm a la Tamara) this girl is so much to hang with. Loved to meet you hun. hope to see you again
Thea (ubersweet girl... I came in there ALL BY MYSELF and she started talking to me. So I felt comfortable immediately. thanks sweetie. hope to see you again too.)
Marije (another crazy, AND SO SWEET girl... Look at her. loved to meet you TOO. and love to see you too ;)
Jeanet (how are you hun? i knew her before through the blogging world and really she's is so fun. so sweet) btw: these 3 girls (jeanet, marije and tamara) are such a good friends. I know why. because they're all soooooo the same. so fun and so sweet. I think she's Iris. unfortunately i didn't have the time to chat with her. But i couldn't resist taking a pic of her. Dawn is thinking she's a diamond. And I really believe that. I hope that we will have the time to chat one day ;)
Ingrid/ Gosh another ubersweet girl... Loved meeting you too.
Marga I'm so stupid. I realised who she was when I got back home and visited her blog. So sorry marga... i even went to her daughter and asked her if i knew her LOL... Hope to see you again to make it up to you... And to chat a lot if you're up to that LOL
this is dawn's talented girl... she does really amazing drawings... Can you draw me too??? LOL
it's nice to have met you honey.
Finally i got to meet Miranda you are so fun... Loved to meet you. hopefully we will meet again soon...
Monique She's such a spontanious girl. she came to talk to me. I really appreciated that. I enjoyed talking to her. She's sooooooo nice... i wanna meet you again one day
On this picture you see Ingrid, me and Mandy . Nice to have met you to sweetie... 3 crazy girls and me... (i'm the craziest i think) i really lost it that day. If you have such a wonderful girls around how can you ever be still and shy LOL
WAAAAAAAAA this picture is ROCKIN... Can you imagine us girls, who never met eachother before lying on the floor bwahahaha
And there is our wonderful teacher DAWN ... thank you so much for the lovely workshop... I really enjoyed it a lot. unfortunately we didn't have much time to chat. But I hope you come this way again so we can make it up ;)

See I told you... I lost it that day... (with the other girls)View of the classroom
Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo, don't gooooooo. i tried to jump in the car but i missed LOL...

Wow I'm tired by this post... more comments soon

I need to prepare for jo-anne's class tomorrow... i can't wait to meet her too

Hope you have a great night/evening

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Zarah zei

You're so incredibly talented!!!

Ingrid zei

First of all, what a gorgeous layouts, Emine. Love them!

And those pictures.....you can see we all had lots of fun. I loved meeting you in person. You are such a sweet (and crazy) girl. Hope to see you again. Have fun tomorrow at Jo-Anne's workshop.

Lilian Schneider zei

Emine, those layouts are gorgeous and your little girl, she is sooo beautiful!

I missed the Dawn's workshop (I would have gone on Saturday, but I hope she will come again and than I WILL be there. Would love to meet you too sweetie, so maybe you could give a workshop yourself?!

Silvitanova zei

love ALL that things you've created. Look at the fun you girls had! I hope to meet you to someday!

jess zei

Looks like you girls all had so much fun scrapping together!!! Love all the photos especially the fun group ones!!!

I LOVE your party invitations!!! They are gorgeous!!!!!! I want to go to that party! LOL!!

Xx Jess

Megan zei

Emine your party goodies look awesome!

And the photos of your get together look so much fun....glad you had a great time!

Megan xx

Je@net zei

Hi girlie.....your pictures put again a really big smile on my face!! Hi, hi, did we have fun that evening!! LOL

But now your projects; they're gorgeous!! All of them! The layouts are just so beautiful! The invitation and the giftbag, love them!!! You really rock girl!

And....you have to come over some day sweetie! We must meet again!

scrapgek!!!!!! zei

oooooh wat hebben we een lol gehad he?! toen ik alle foto's op je blog aan het bekijken was kreeg ik weer de slappe lach!!! hahahaha!!! hoezo erg? ik hoop je ook snel weer te ontmoeten...vond het zo gaaf en gezellie! en wat heb je een mooie dingen gemaakt zeg! echt helemaal toppie!!! YOU ROCK GIRL!!!! SEE YOU SOON.....I HOPE! :-) groetjes marije.

Tessa Tegendraads zei

Jaaaaa de wrokshops was zó vreselijk leuk!! Jammer dat wij niet saampies op de foto staan, maar we komen elkaar vast nog wel eens in real live tegen??

XX Tessa

Nat zei

awesome layouts! And what fun photos from the workshop - so cool!

Nura Keif zei

Stunning work there, girl!! Good Luck for the call!! Love those fun pictures taken!!

Angelique zei

Hoi! Prachtige layouts en projecten heb je gemaakt! Ik kom zeker vaker kijken op jouw bloggie... Groetjes, Angelique

Anoniem zei

super gafe lo's weer!!!
enne wat was het supergezellig he!!!!!!!!!
ik vond je een echte lieve meid! hopelijk zien we elkaar snel weer!! Was het leuk bij Jo-ann?
liefs Thea

polinka zei

I really love these LOs!!

Mireille zei

gosh woman.. LOVE the DT contest pics!!
AWESOME awesome!!!!

Good luck and uhmm.. bought me some gesso today!

Ice-Angel zei

OMG love those pics!! Reading your blog reminds me of that day again, it was SO MUCH FUN!!!
It was so nice to hang out with you, and to do the crazy photoshoots!!!
Just like Jeanet said: we should really meet some time soon, so come over ;-)

Anoniem zei

Beautiful Layouts, Emine! I always love to look at your creations. Your class looked like soooooooomuch fun!

Bon Bon

Iris zei

wat gaaf zeg dat je naar die workshop bent geweest! Ziet er erg gezellig uit. De volgende keer ga ik ook mee (knipoog), Mijn pc spoort niet, kan geen smileys maken...

Je Lo´s zijn ook weer helemaal top. Hoe krijg je het toch verzonnen he maar dat heb ik al 100x gezegd!

Met de baby gaat het trouwens prima hoor...

fijne zondag

Ice-Angel zei

So cool that you used the pic of the 4 of us, that one is so much fun :-D
Can't waith to see the LO!!!
Please mail me, so we can set a date ;-)

anokas zei

wow, those layouts are wonderful. so pretty! Cool pictures from the workshop.. =)


Daffie Online zei

Love your layout on the black cardstock! beautiful!

Iris zei

Hallo Emine!

Hier een andere Iris (BodyBagGirl als Nick :D)...

Wat leuk zeg om mijzelf op jouw blog terug te zien...

Ik vond de workshops ook super!!! Leuk je ontmoet te hebben, al hebben we niet kunnen kletsen, dat komt vast wel een keertje... k heb in elk geval wel nog tegen je gezegd dat ik je werk op je blog erg mooi vond... :D

Wil je mij de groepsfoto sturen? Die is echt leuk geworden!!!

Groetjes Iris

Nili zei

I just love your layouts. good luck, girl!
and about the workshop...looks like you had lots of fun.

Mirjam zei

great lo's Emine!! Great pictures too, sorry to have missed you, we went on sunday, a great workshop too.

shelly b zei

looks like you had a blast!!! great pics..so fun..I want to scrap with you friend!

Rachael zei

Love your layouts!! Good luck!!

What fun pictures!!

*fauve* zei

Looks like you had a blast crazy girl!

micayla zei

Yay, glad to see you back and on form girlie!
I saw the stuff you made in the newsletter and I was like, OH WOW THAT GIRL ROCKS THE SUPPLIES LIKE NO OTHER!!!
Looks like you had a fab time, I cannot wait to see what you do with the pics, Emine!

sollie zei

I wish I was there too. Love Dawn!!

Marie zei

Wayyyy coool!!!

sohpiasmom zei

Super cute photos...looks like fun! Your shirt is cute too! :)

michelle zei

wonderful, wonderful projects! good luck on the dt call!

malou zei

Love all the awesome LO's and the goodies! Great pictures!!!

jo zei

Wow, you're so awesome! Love the LOs!

So cool you took a Dawn Inskip workshop - I love her digital stuff! She must be so awesome in person!

Looks like you had a great time! So very cool!

Natasja zei

Great layouts again and looked like you had a blast in Ede!!

Monique zei

So much fun to see the workshop pictures!! Love to have the one of the two of us! I have a beautiful one of you waiting here... please email me (bothmynames+ the hotmailthing)! You might be proud of yourself; not only because of the great layouts (no orange is also a beauty ;)) but also because of this big step forward!!!

Mandy zei

Hi Emine, thanks for your comment on my blog and your email! Love seeing all the pics here, Dawn's workshop was sooo much fun! Great to have met you and you work ROCKS btw!!

Esther zei

Wow. You've been working really hard. Love the two new LO's and the party stuff is really cool. Love, es

scrappermimi zei

I so love those transparent invites, great idea. And those LO's are fab!

Looks like such a fun crop!

M@risk@ zei

Great that you had such a wonderful time at Dawn's workshop. Love all the new stuff you did, esp. the ones of your little girls

Trejo Family zei

Oh I totally love your bag.It is so stinkin' cute!!

Anilu Magloire zei

That looks like it was so much fun!! I love, love the pages, the invites are gorgeous and the banner is so beautiful!! Loved it all!

Birgit zei

Wow, that must have been fun! Gald you enjoyed yourself!! Love your stuff, again :)

ellen zei

you're a nut..where have you been? how are you...love the pics of your new friends!

Marie zei

Oh man freakin cool!

micayla zei

Looks like someone had a fab time!!!
Those layouts are just yummy!!!

Rachael zei

Such beautiful work!!

Looks like a great time was had!!!

Marjolein zei

Little bit late, but girl, what a great things you've made, love love love it!
And those photo's.... boy, whish I could have been there, Jeanet is my best friend, sister.. that's what we call eachother, says it all I guess!!

Miss you at AAE.....hope you are ok?

dawn zei

So many great memories... I was so happy to have finally met you :)

susan j zei

I am so lovin' all of these LO's!! YUM!!

nessa zei

nice pics!!!