vrijdag, juni 15, 2007


UHMMM don't be scared this is just paint LOL.. I played with gesso again.. But I tried to use some watercolor on it (ofcourse Acrylic too)... The black border is a lift from one of Celine Navarro's layouts ;) I did this with the JUNE kit of webscrappin.com kit... I am so curious what they will think about this... This is NOT what they expect LOL...

It's JUNE 15th so it's time to reveal my secrets...

SECRET 1: I'm the latest guest designer for PRIMA MARKETING WOOOHOOO so Awesome.. Check it out girls and leave a comment if you like... I know my bloggy friends WON'T LEAVE ME ALONE THERE ;) CHECK IT OUT HERE

This is the page I did for my FABULOUS friend Nura keif... Love her so much.. She's such a GOOD friend... I used 2 prima flowers and prima chipboard letter SORRY couldn't resist painting them OOPS

I used a mix of big and small prima flowers.. SOrry couldn't resist painting it again AARRGGHH

I was asked to be a part of an AMAZING challenge blog.. ALL ABOUT EVE... You girls need to check this out.. It's an amazing group of ladies... We are going to challenge you every other week to create LAYOUTS ABOUT YOURSELF... ARE YOU UP FOR THAT????
Here's the link : CHECK US OUT HERE
ANDDDDDD i won the tinkering ink contest I meantioned on my previous post ;) ... YEAH BABY LOL...
So sorry that I have been such a bad blogger this week... I promise it won't happen again.. there were some personal issues AND ofcourse I had a few deadlines to CATCH ;) And I have a very cool art to share tomorrow... (not mine... It's a gift from talented NICOLE ;)
Love you all... Thank you all for your support and PLEASE FORGIVE ME IF I DID NOT STEP BY YOUR BLOG... I will now I promise ;)


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Hagit zei

Wow, I love your use of paint. Your primas are great, and this one with your eyes is amazing. I think they'll love it.

Anilu Magloire zei

Amazing pages, amazing news. Went to all About Eve ans I loved it. Big congrats to you, Emine!!!!

So well deserved :)

Rita Weiss zei

Congrats on the Prima gig Emine... your pages are terrific.

Megan zei

Well it's all been going on at your place Emine!! Fantastic toots - so well deserved! I love what you do :-)

Megan xx

Littleone's Scrapbook Journal zei

Congrats on all you accomplishments :)

Silvitanova zei

Good to see you back, I was missing you!
All about Eve is a cool new blog! Congratulations with all that great news!
As I told you at SIS: love those pages and pictures!

ellen zei

yeah yeah yeah! prima baby! WTG!!!! i will check out the other blog too!

Sarah (AKA monroegirl) zei

Wow - it is all happening for you at the moment! Well done. I love All About Eve :)

I really must get my Gesso and do more than prime chipboard letters with it :o)

Holly Terra zei

congrats sweet girl.

Moreen (aka Armenime) zei

Great news congratulations

jess zei

wow!!! so much great news!!!
You are so talented!! i love your layouts!!!!! they are beautiful!! and that paint effect is awesome!!
Im off to check out that other blog now!!!
Xx Jess

jo zei

I've been wondering where you've been! You're one busy lady! :)

Congrats on the guest spot at Prima! You know I think you're AMAZING! Love what you do with paint - you inspired me so much that I'm going to try and paint more on my LOs! *lol* Stay tuned! :)

Kelly Miller zei

Congratulations - will definitely go check out the links!!! Love the way you use paint in your art :)

Anoniem zei

Congratulations! Love these LO's!

malou zei

Left you some love out there at prima becoz you are rawkin' the LO's girl!!! Congrats on being a guest designer, very cool, indeed!

Colleen zei

yay emine! congrats on prima and tinkering ink!

Allison zei

Congrats on all of your good news!!
I would have to say you have a serious paint addiction!! Nothing wrong with that! :)
I love all of your pages, they are fabulous!!

Anoniem zei

congrats girl!


Ingrid zei

Wow! Emine, what a GREAT news! Congrats on the Prima Guest DT. The layouts in this post are awesome. I checked the new challenge blog and I really like the idea. Good luck, girl!!

susan j zei

Like I said on 2 Peas......"you are making the rest of us look bad."

I love, love LOVE that top page especially!! Congrats on the Prima guest spot!!

Beckie zei

FAbby news! And yum LO's!
The new blog looks great!

Marguerita zei

I didn't even recognise the primas at first! How cool that you were chosen as their gues designer, congratulations with all that FAME! Congratulations

Nicole Hinrichs zei

Just seen your message on my blog and the message here, Love your creations,you are so very creative. way to cool. The new blog looks cool.You are the sweetest, realy loved doing the drawing for you.
thanks nicole hinrichs

christiane zei

and congrats again!! :))

Irene zei

Congratulations Emine, YOU ARE ON A ROLL ;)

M@risk@ zei

A huge congrats to you Emine. Love your colorful work!

Prolix from la Normandie zei




so great!!!


{ThE fReNcH tOuCh}
artsy english-fran├žais blog

dawn zei

WOW hun - CONGRATULATIONS - so very well deserved - your work is always so stunning and amazing, I not surprised you were asked - go for it girl :)

Aimee zei

congrats on the prima & tinkering ink!

Nura Keif zei

Oh my the eyes LO are so stunning!! Gorgeous work girl!! Huge Congrats to you:-D

shelly b zei

Everything is beautiful! Congrats on all your wonderfulness!

Ann(i)e zei

seriously LOVE your Prima layouts babe...stunning!!!!!!!!!!!1

Natalie zei

Cool pages, Emine!
Can't wait to see more of the Eve blog!

Kara zei

Congratulations! I love your blog, so inspiring. Now I just need to go splash some paint on my layouts!

Angela zei

Very cool, funky layout! Huge congrats on being chosen as a Guest Designer. What an honor!

Anoniem zei

thats so cool! you do such awesome work!

jilly zei

WoooHoooo - You ROCK my li'l scrappin' world! AMAZING!

scrap {n} flava zei

You are amazing, amazing, amazing--I'm SO excited for you! GO GIRL!!!

Nicole Carro zei

Congrats Emine!!! Love how you altered the actual prima flowers with paint and pens...awesome.

marjan zei

You have been busy!!!
And what a great news...congrats Emine!
I've been looking at the new blog and I think it's a fab idea.
Love your lay outs and your painting
gr Marjan

Nat zei

Congratulations girl!

nikkihelen zei

Love your work!! Found you via a nasty little gossip blog, so I hope that you ignore what they say, keep creating!!

jake zei

Emine - you are such a star!

jake xx

Je@net zei

Wow, congrats with all the great news girl!!
All your work is so awesome!!

Manu ;-) zei

CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!!! You totally deserved!!!!!

Iris zei

love them all!!! They really look great! You sure know how to use paint. LOL

Vee zei


china59 zei

Girl ! You have too many secrets and you're posting too fast ! LOL ! I've missed like a 100 of your posts !

Congrats on the news ! From the peaks I've seen, the new prima just kicks a$$, it seems to completely match your style! You're going to Rawk !

I'll have to try All about Eve...like in a thousand years when I have time ! :-( LOL !

Monique zei

WOW Emine! You're certainly on a ROLL!!! CONGRATS!!! The layouts are awesome. I love how you use all those colors and mixed media. i'll check the blogs out; thanks for sharing!

Laura McCann zei

hey Emine!! As usual, you are just ROCKIN'!! So much stuff going on and such gorgeous LO's!! I'm totally checking out the All About Eve!

Patty zei

Amazing pages, your jobs are really fantastic

mary h. zei

So totally cool! And that painting by Nicole is so absolutely stunning!!! Congrats on everything. I hope that all the personal issues have been resolved by now. I will try to email you tomorrow.

Marie zei

wow girlie these are amazing! Its so awesome how things are just falling into place with you! It seems like not to long ago u were hoping for a dt and now you are the new hot girl just being snatched up!!! Im so happy for you!!!!!

michelle zei

congrats sista! you totally rock!

Cami zei

Emine girl...you are on fire! way to go girl - I am SO happy for you! LOVE what you did with Prima - you are so talented!