zondag, mei 27, 2007


Yes, this is REALLY A PROFESSIONAL Rak generator (like on the GLITZ BLOG LOL)... WOW there were so many comments... Thank you ALL SO MUCH.. LOVE YOU ALL AND I WISH I WAS RICH ENOUGH TO SEND YOU ALL GOODIES ... But remember I will do a lot more give-aways in the future ;)

You see all the comments cut in strips on my kitchen floor...

I'm fooling with it a little LOL... Mixing it all up...
And finally WE HAVE A WINNER... CONGRATS IRIS.. Email me your address: eminepala22@hotmail.com...

And here is my project that i was working on the last 2 days... It's an Urban LILY sugar cube... It was sooooooo CUTE.. but I think I messed it up LOL

What do you think??? I hope you like it BECAUSE I LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE IT... You should see this in real life... I love the texture and the colors on this... It's so tiny AND AW SO AMAZING... I keep looking at it and touching it LOL... BTW: it fits so well with my Altered corkboard ... SEE it HERE ...

Alright I got tagged by my new friend JO

I need to post 7 random things about myself and then I got to tag 7 other people ;)

Here I go:

1... If someone comments on my blog I HAVE TO GO CHECK THEIRS OUT and leave some love at theirs... I really appreciate EVERY ONE WHO COMMENTS on my blog and I love to know you all better...

2. I can't stand people who think they are EVERYTHING.. UGHH... In the scrapworld it means PEOPLE who think that they are AW SO FABULOUS... And don't even take the time to say HI to you... (btw: I don't mean the real celebs, but more the once who are having LUCK just like me)... Even Kristina CONTES, MY IDOL, takes the time to reply to something... Eventhough she's so busy... I can imagine that sometimes you are tooo busy that you forget to reply or to visit someone's blog whatever.. But you know what I mean... It's just a feeling I get with some people... They can be wonderful persons BUT not someone who can be my best friend, ya know....

3. I smoke WAY TO MUCH

4. I don't trust MAN... I grew up with the thought that every man is a cheater.. i know that's NOT true.. But I still have this feeling...

5. When my girls are sleeping.. I sometimes sneak in their rooms and I cry... why?? Because I love them sooooooooooooooooooo much, I'm soooo happy to have them in my lives... And when they're sleeping I miss them SOOO MUCH... It may sound really weird...


7. I love books... It doesn't matter what size, what theme... I just love them... I don't have to read them... So you can guess where I want to be all day long... IN A LIBRARY...

I'm tagging:








I'm off to do some scrapping... LOVE TO YOU ALL...


And a reminder: If you didn't leave comment for the give-away on the GLITZ BLOG you really SHOULD... HURRY PEOPLE GO HERE

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Nancy van den berg zei

Congratulations Iris!! WOOHOO!! And Emine.. your creation looks beautiful.. I wonder what color is your favorite.. orange maybe?? Hehe! And uhm.. thanks for tagging me.. I'll see if I can come up with something else as I've been tagged once before.. don't know if I have any other 'strange' things to share.. hehe!!! XOXO Nancy

Hagit zei

Oh, that cube is great! I love Orange too, and I LOVE the use of this type of cardboard in scrapping, which I learned from Corinne, so for me it's always connected to Holland. :)

Kate zei

Congrats Iris, LOVE your cube Emine, I have one half done here since Xmas (blush) must try and get time to finish it (it's not half as nice as yours BTW). Gonna try some of your time management tips, I SO need help with time management and I figure if you can get so much done with 2 little ones then I should be able to get a lot more done with 0 kids. LOL

I also agree completely with what you said about people answering back comments left on their blogs it's the least they can do and I want to "Thank You" for leaving a comment on my blog and you were so quick answering back too :-) keep up the great work

Tessa Tegendraads zei

Gaaf doosje!! Echt super gemaakt.... Prettig prinkter weekend! Tessa

sara berry zei

that sugar cube is sooo neat! I haven't ever seen one and I love the way it folds out. Hope you are having a great weekend, you are one busy lady these days and I am loving seeing all of your work!

Anoniem zei


michelle zei

love the cube! and i totally hear you about the blog thing. I am the same way!

Brigitta zei

love the cube, love the "facts" (I think I know where number 4 comes from ;-).

OH and Iris, congrats girl, I'm sure Emine will come up with something gorgeous!!!

Anoniem zei

Hallo Emine
This cube looks great,as all your work does..I love seeing your work on 2 peas it's a great inspiration for me.
I didn't know you lived in Tiel(I am not such a great "blogger"myself)
I always thought I was the only one scrapping in Tiel:)
But it seems there is a famous scrapper living here!!
Have a nice day and keep going up the good work!!


suebaru zei

Love the cube! Thank you so much for stopping by my blog!

Betinha Gollino zei

Emine, this cube is really CUTE! I love it!!!

Bex zei

Hi sweetie xx
That cube is GORGEOUS - totally bright and funky and I love it!
I hope you are enjoying the long weekend with your babies xxx

Love bex

Iris zei

WOW!!! I won! LOL
I really did not expect that!!!
Thanks Emine, I'll send you my adress.
I wasn't able to check your blog last few days.... but this is a nice surprise! ;)
And I really love your cube! It totally rocks, just like you do!

Thanks for tagging me ;) NOw I have to find 7 people! Are there any volunteers??? LOL

Janice zei
Deze reactie is verwijderd door de auteur.
Janice zei

Hi! I saw your blog through Jess (One Fine Day). I don't really scrap - I've only done a couple of layouts, but I wanted to tell you how talented and crafty you are!!! I love the sugar cube - I've never seen anything like it.

And by the way, Alara and Dilara are gorgeous girls! I will keep Dilara in my prayers and hope for a good result about her hip. :-)

I'll be sure to stop back some other time!

mary h. zei

Congrats, Iris!!!

Super cute cube. You and I are so much alike it is unreal. Except for the smoking. I quit a long time ago. Had to since my asthma attacks came back full force.

Have I told you lately that I'm so proud of you for not giving up? Well, if not, I am soooooo very proud of you.;)

Fiona Carter zei

Love the sugar cube. The texture is fabulous.

Manu ;-) zei

congrats Iris!! Emine, your cube is gorgeous, I'm not surprised of that ;))) CIAO!

Irene zei

Just LURVE that cube - the textures are awesome.

You have made me cry with your number 5 - I do that too...

Anoniem zei

Thanks for the comment. You must be one of Caroline's crazy scraping friends, haha just kidding. :]

Laura McCann zei

You are just way too cute!! Congrats to IRis!!

Love your cube! Orange is such a great color! LOL!! Love it!

Take care!

Nura Keif zei

The cube look fabulous and congrats to Iris!!:-D

Ann(i)e zei

really gorgeous....love that little box!!

jo zei

Love that little sugar cube box thing! You are TOOOO creative!!! LOVE YA! :)

I know what you mean about people taking the time to visit and comment. I'm getting better at it. But I check out my counter for my blog sometimes and I notice I get a ton of visits but no one says hello! What's up with that!

Smoking is baaad... But I still love ya anyway! *lol*

Kirsty zei

hey emine - so cool you got a rak from Nisa Finn. Hope you are well and having a rest from all the blogging ;)

amy zei

AWWW love that cube!! You did as great job!! You do wonderful art!

Tammy zei

I sooo agree with number 2! Its like... "get a clue people!!"... I mean is there really such a thing as "famous scrap people??"... they put their pants on just like I do. One leg at a time! No one knows who they are but us scrappers... And I for one will say that Donna Downey WILL answer your emails... she totally rocks!
I go in my kids rooms too... but I dont usually cry anymore!! :) I can so relate though!

Elizabeth zei

I love your cube, it's way cool!!

Marieke zei

Love the texture on your cube and the fun bright colours.
I know what you mean about people not leaving comments. Almost makes me paranoid you know. I'd like to know who's 'visiting'.
Anyway, I found your blog by following a link on 2Peas, just in case you're wondering. Must say it's very patriotic of you to be on a bit of an orange binge. LOL!

Marie zei

That sugar cube is adorable! You are such a sweetheart to give away stuffs! You go girl!

Daffie Online zei

Great cube!

Rita Weiss zei

What a fabulous little creation Emine :) and I'm so sorry I missed the last tag by you. I have been a busy busy girl and have even neglected my own blog lately. boo. Can't wait for more TIME soon!!!

LPinky zei

Love the cube, so cool!!

Anilu Magloire zei

The cube is so cool. Love it!! Great job :)

Je@net zei

Ooooh wow, the cube looks fantastic!
It's again a great project!


Emine...Thanks for the blessing!!! and for visiting my boys ...they love the company!!! You've got a fantatic blog....I'm crazy about the orange!!!!wooooooo

Prolix from la Normandie zei

bises Emine!

{ThE fReNcH tOuCh}
artsy english-fran├žais blog

Natasja zei

LOVE that cube!!

noelmignon zei

Your cube is amazing! Love it!

Marjolein zei

Wow, I like that cube!!! Looks cool, how come you think you've messed it up??

Thanks for the comment on my blog btw!! Thought you made the cards too, but I guess I must have seen you on someone elses blog.. Jeanet maybe?

sollie zei

What a wonderful cub e you made. I think it's fantastic.

Starlight zei

haha Girly I'm so looking foward to see your contry!
i always loved!
The problem will be to understand the plates...LOL
Thanks for stopin by @ my blog.

Starlight zei

AHHH This cube is sooo cute!
How did i missed that???

Natalie zei

That cube is awesome!! And I love your list of randoms. And I totally agree with #2.

ellen zei

cute block, sista! tks for coming to visit sorry i have been MIA, needed some time. you are busy as usual! can't wait to see more!

micayla zei

I love what you have done with that sugarcube girl! It rocks!!
How is your little missy, I hope she is okay!
Hugs M