woensdag, april 04, 2007


Look at this... WOW, I am so HAPPY WITH IT... I didn't know that the prize was this big LOL...
If you don't remember why I got this TAKE LOOK HERE...
I got Becky Fleck's sketch in my inbox yesterday.. The sketch is AWESOME.. I need to finish it before april 24th... Can't wait to start ;) Thanx Becky for your interest in my work...
And last but not least......................... Today I got an email from Lucy Chesna (owner and designer from memories from scrap) if I wanted to contribute to her AWESOME sketch blog.. Ofcourse I jumped right in... Thank you Lucy... I will do my best for you ;)
Well, as you can see I am a busy WOMAN... If someone has any suggestions for keeping my deadlines organized PLEASE SHARE WITH ME... I am NOT used to this LOL
But I ENJOY IT and I LOVE it...
Tonight I'm going to start with little projects that needs to be done...
Wish me luck

7 opmerkingen:

Brigitta zei

wow Emine, you're really going places aren't you???!!! Well done girl, I feel sooooo small ;-)))

Lilian Schneider zei

Congratulations Emine!

Hagit zei

Oooooh, a girl can never have enough Basic Grey ;-)
Congratulations on everything!

Karli zei

Holy cow Emine! THat basic grey stuff is my favorite! I am proud & jealous of you! (: You are doing so great. Keep up the good work!

For organization you might try buying a large calendar to put on the wall or fridge and bold the days the contests are due, the days you need to have the layouts done by to be mailed off in time, etc...

Love you!

Miranda zei

at Emine! Great prize, and great you're invited for the sketches!

Je@net zei

Wow girl, this is all so great!!! Congrats with everything and good luck to you!!!

ellen zei

you are on a roll girl! remember us little people when you are a big star!

i signed up at scrapstreet to cheer you on!