maandag, april 23, 2007


Yes, I made it to the final top ten of the scrapstreet star contest ;)... Which means I'm a star already LOL...

I'm off to do some deadlines (becky fleck's sketch is stil not finished and the due date is tomorrow OMG)...

BTW: I can't post the layout for the sketch here since it's not posted on the blog yet ...
Tomorrow maybe ;)

Have a fun day/evening

7 opmerkingen:

Silvitanova zei

WOOOOOOW! Congratulations again! You are a Star!

Nicole Carro zei

Congrats Emine...Love your work!

Hagit zei

WOW, congratulations! Good for you!!!!!

Daffie Online zei

Congratulations ;-)

Miranda zei

Congrats to you too sweetie! Glad we both made it!!

Ingrid zei

Congrats, Emine. Good luck in the next round.

*Fauve* zei

Woohoo congrats!Youve been tagged girl!