zaterdag, februari 17, 2007


I entered the MM idols contest.. NO, I don't think I will make it to the final 50 on monday... But what the HECK... I won't loose anything... I finished some projects I want to do for a long time...
They asked for 2 layouts and 1 craft project. I made a clear box frame... Unfortunately the photo is not good because of the frame... In real life it has very bright colours... I REALLY LIKE IT A LOT... And I finished it in 1 day... Simple but very pretty TO ME...
It's now standing on my TV (not the best place I know, but I have to, with a girl who really wants to tear it a part)... Please people If I MAKE IT VOTE FOR ME LOL... No, no, Vote for the prettiest...

4 opmerkingen:

Karli zei

Your scrapbook pages and the frame are great! I especially love that frame idea. Such a cute one. Very good! You are doing so well at creating regularly. I will vote for you for sure! I always forget to look for contests to join, so I am glad you do it! Thanks for your comments too...I don't think I'm fat, I just want to be more fit and toned. (: You are so amazing to me! Love you!

Corinnexxx zei

Love them all! keep my fingers crossed for you!



OMG, Emine! YOur LO's are just awesome!!! Goodluck to you hope you make it to the top 50, I will vote for you!

Rianne zei

Those layouts are beatifull!!!