dinsdag, februari 06, 2007


I feel a bit sick today... Alara and Dilara too... I hope that It won't get any worse... Who else would take care of my 2 princesses???

I labeled every post on my blog so people can find the information faster... while I was doing that I did read all my posts... It so nice to read them again... I know exactly how I felt when I posted that... It's a nice documentation... A friend of mine (dear Karli) told me that you can turn your blog into a book... That's what I'm going to do but first I need to WRITE more and more...

lately I'm thinking of having my own magazine... A scrapbookmagazine here in Europe... I contacted a few people about it and I really want to make it work... But I'm still doing some research... If I want to do something THIS BIG I have to be prepared, right?

It's not for sure yet... And It's a little bit scary to start on my own...

But I will let you know when I decide to do it for REAL...

Here are some more pics of dilara...

4 opmerkingen:

Corinnexxx zei

what a cutoe! and sounds great another magazine!


malou zei

Hope you will feel better soon and so are the girls. Goodluck w/all your endeavors. Glad to see you are posting more! Luvs Malou

Karli zei

Hope you are feeling better girl! Zac has the flu at our house and it is awful! You are in my prayers. Keep me posted. Love you!

Brigitta zei

Hi Emine, I vaguely recall that you used to be on the Dolls forum. Just read your entry on Corrines blog and want to wish you strength and wisdom, I can kind of imagine what happened and it's soooo NOT nice. You can contact me anytime if you like