dinsdag, februari 20, 2007


Wow, this is so NOT making me happy... I'm still waiting for the announcement of the top 50 mm idol contestants... It's 2.37 pm here already, but still 5 am over there...
I need to wait few more hours... I know, I'm not selected but I still want this to be over... I'm almost having an hartattache LOL...

I keep thinking: what if I AM selected??? No no, you ARE NOT! but what if I am... etc. etc. etc. It's driving me CRAZY LOL...

It was fun to enter this contest and it's the first time so I can't expect to win this... Even ali edwards didn't win contests when she was NOT famous... But she kept trying! And we all know who she is and how talented she is...

So, Emine, if you don't make it... Still keep trying... Creating and enjoying it... That's what it is ALL about... I'ts NICE when people LIKE your work and get inspired by it... The important thing is that your family and kids will like it... I'm doing this for them, right?!

Well wish me luck...

Now I'm off to clean my scrapcloset... I can't create a new project when it's a mess there...

Have a great day,

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Corinnexxx zei

There will be hundreds of entry's I think and to pick only 50 of those is a hard job to do. I hope you are one of the 50 people that are chosen, but if you are not than that doesn't mean they do not liked it, but it might not be what they were looking for. I think you have a good attitude about it. Keeping fingers crossed!


Karli zei

Good luck Emine! I will keep thinking of it for you! (: Your work is beautiful and that is right: the memories you are preserving are most important for you and your family. Your girls will love seeing themselves on scrapbook pages and that is all that matters! It is so fun to join contests though. I'm thinking of you!
Love, Me

*fauve* zei

WOW so excited,i sure hope they pick you girl!!And me ofcourse :D

Keeping my fingers crossed for you!