zondag, maart 26, 2006


Especially about art or scrapbook...
Today I ordered this two fantastic books... I can't wait to have them in my HANDS...
I love it, I love it , I love it...
I'm so excited about this...
It will be here in 5 or 7 days... I CAN HARDLY WAIT!!

Here are a FEW (few???) books I really want to buy some day...

How to organize your Scrapbook workspace

Make your creative dreams real
Love your handwriting
Collage discovery workshop
Collage discovery workshop: beyond the Unexpected
The complete guide to altered imagery
Drawing from life
Visual Chronicles
Creative albums
Decorative Journals
Photo decor
The big picture
Clean and simple designs for scrapbooking

Wow, I have a *BIG* list huh? It makes me already happy and excited when I search for them... I want to have *ALL* the books about this subjects LOL... But it's not possible RIGHT now!! I have a Family to FEED! LOL!

I have to go now.. Attaching the links for the books took a long time.. Now I have to *SCRAP*... I'm going to start a new project... FOR 21 DAYS...

More about it later...

Have a great day...

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